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What We Believe


We are young adult Christians with our hearts and minds set upon our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the narrow path on which He walked. We believe that on our own, none of us are capable of living the glorious lives God wills for us, but through the death and resurrection of Jesus His only Son, He has given us the Way back to Him. And whoever believes in Jesus is saved from eternal separation into a life abundant and truly free – both now and forever.

Christianity is not a religion we ascribe to but a very real relationship with a triune God – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And with that we carry His message of come as you are, but don’t expect to leave as you are. It is transformative, it is relentless, it is deeply personal and it is a Love bigger than anything we can imagine. We invite you to walk with us on this journey of knowing and growing in Him – so that together we can seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33), wherever we are in life.

Your story with God may start here at, but we encourage you to take it beyond, firstly to His Word – The Bible – and next to a group of fellow believers who will regularly push you to greater spiritual depths and heights – they’re commonly found in a good church near you.

If you’d like to speak to someone on Christianity, drop us a line at admin@thirst.


A generation transformed in the image of Christ - one story at a time, inspiring honest conversations and authentic engagement.

A body of Christ, full of disciples who choose to put God first in their hearts, souls, strength and minds, and who willingly walk the narrow, upward path that leads to the Cross.

A borderless Church, united in one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, one Father of all. works across the churches and denominations in the spirit of unity.


Fast forward to Revelation 11. Two witnesses sent by God proclaim His Word to a world that doesn't want to hear it. They are killed, and everyone on Earth rejoices over this, making merry, exchanging gifts. But half a week later, the breath of life from God enters them, and they stand up and ascend to heaven.

We're told that the whole world will watch the whole process. We're convinced the only way this will happen is the magic of technology - the Internet, the Web browser, the social network on which you're reading this now.

The kingdom of God is near, Jesus said. We choose to be among the crowd that watches in scorn (Revelation 11:10), or to be part of the Remnant that gives glory to the God of heaven.

Our passion is in proclaiming the name of Jesus: The name that brings hope in this life and the life eternal. He is the bread of life and the fount of living water - come to Him and you will never hunger and never thirst (John 6:35). Taste and see that the Lord is good.