No more guilt and shame: Day of His Power 2019 // August 8, 2019, 10:59 pm


Photos: Marcus Chow & Ang Wei Ming

Repentance, reconciliation and restoration.

This year’s Day of His Power saw about 5,000 people fill up the seats in Suntec Convention Centre on August 8, 2019 for a night of worship and prayer.

Held every year on the eve of Singapore’s National Day, the event is a special time for the churches of Singapore to come together to pray for the nation.

The team from Hope Singapore roused the crowd with I Raise a Hallelujah during the opening worship.

Joseph Chean, National Director of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Singapore, kicked off the night with a thanksgiving prayer as he reflected on the journey of the nation, a fitting start this being Singapore’s Bicentennial Year.

“Everything that we enjoy today is because the Lord’s hand has been upon our nation.”

He gave thanks for how the Lord has helped our nation thus far and proclaimed Singapore as the city where the Lion of Judah will rule and reign.

“Three reasons why the lion roars: to gather his family together, to mark his territory, to resist the enemy,” said Chean.

He also led the congregation to affirm: “We pledge to raise up generations of Singaporeans, bold as lions, who feel passionately that this home is worth building, worth fighting for.”

Lawrence Khong, Chairman of LoveSingapore and Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church, reminded everyone of the purpose of the LoveSingapore movement as it marches into its 25th year.

“This movement is born not out of human will or human passion, but born out of the heart of God. A unity prayer movement with a purpose.”

“There is only one Church in Singapore, the Church of our Lord, Jesus Christ,” declared Pastor Khong as he read from Ephesians 4:1-6.

Daniel Khong, Deputy Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church, took to the stage to share about the burden the Lord has placed in his heart for the reconciliation and repentance across generations.

He shared about his struggles growing up as a pastor’s kid, and how he eventually learnt to release forgiveness over his parents and the church.

“On behalf of my generation – the younger generation, I want to ask for forgiveness for our heart of rebellion,” Pastor Khong shared, as he invited the city pastors across generations up on stage to participate in the act of feet-washing.

Said Pastor Khong: “I believe this will unlock a newfound unity and a newfound power to move forward together as one. Feet washing is the heart of serving one another.

“We think of generations very cleanly. We draw a distinct line between generations. But it doesn’t work quite like that. There must be a spirit of collaboration.”

Derek Hong, Senior Pastor of Good Gifts City Church, then spoke on behalf of the older generation, asking for forgiveness.

“Very often, we think we know better. Sometimes we think you guys really don’t know many things. The impression is that you don’t really know what hardship is,” Pastor Hong said.

“This is a prophetic act, this gesture is the beginning of the breaking of curses over this nation, over our children, over the generations.”

Ian Toh, Senior Pastor of 3:16 Church, invited the pastors to stand in repentance for being silent on the issue of abortion.

“We sign a covenant of life in Jesus’ name tonight.”

He prayed that all churches of Singapore would champion life and be a community for unsupported mothers.

He then invited Dr Tan Siew Pin, a paediatric specialist, Jason Wong, Chairman of Focus on the Family (Singapore) and Jennifer Heng, CEO of Safe Place, on stage to represent the healthcare workers, fathers and mothers of the nation respectively by asking for forgiveness for the rejection of unborn children.

Norman Ng, Deputy Senior Pastor of 3:16 Church, wrapped up the segment with a call for freedom over guilt and shame, and for all chains to be broken in Jesus’ name.

“There is no more condemnation now for those who are in Christ Jesus,” Pastor Ng declared.

Inviting people from the Safe Place and Heartbeat Project to join him on stage, Pastor Ng then announced the upcoming LifeFest, a Kingdom-wide family day, happening on October 5, 2019 at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Pastor Lawrence Khong brought the night to a close, reminding the audience of the reason for tonight’s gathering and praying for hearts to be re-ignited to carry the Good News of the gospel and the message of reconciliation to others.

“We gather here tonight because the basis of everything is the blood of Jesus Christ who gave us our salvation.”

He then led the congregation to recite the National Pledge and sing the National Anthem together as one voice.

“This nation is the nation of miracles,” Pastor Khong said in closing. “We believe that God has called Singapore to be a blessing to others.”