How can we pray for the General Election?

by Gabriel Ong // July 8, 2020, 9:51 am


The General Election is upon us, and we are in the final days before Singaporeans head to the polling stations to cast their votes.

In the last week, we’ve seen – and perhaps engaged – in plenty of robust debate, discussions and campaigning. But for all our words amongst one another – has there been enough prayer to God for our country?

To that end, we’ve put together a number of simple prayer points for the General Election. In this crucial time, let’s not neglect the most important work we can do as believers in this land.

Let’s come together in prayer to bless Singapore, lifting up our beloved nation in intercession.


The Lord has blessed Singapore so abundantly since her independence. For more than half a century, He has kept this land from war, famine, natural disasters, oppression and economic collapse. He has provided us with strong leaders through the years.

Remembering that it is God’s favour and grace that has brought us thus far as a nation, let us thank Him for: 

  • Blessing our land through all these years.
  • Preserving this nation.
  • Taking Singapore through the worst of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Being sovereign even above the politics of the land – He is in control.

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As voters, we must never be divided as Singaporeans regardless of our political views and differences. 

Let us pray for God to protect the unity and fabric of Singapore as we strive with one another for the best outcomes for our land – even after the General Election.

Also, let us pray for protection against deception that we may discern the truth and make wise choices.

Pray that:

  • God will prevent disunity and strife amongst Singaporeans, that our discussions will be seasoned with salt and grace.
  • Every falsehood, fabrication and fake news circulating in this land will be destroyed by God.
  • Singaporeans will have discernment in the information they consume and the wisdom to vote well.
  • Every Singaporean will vote wisely and with discernment.

So you think you care about politics


By now you would have received multiple manifestos from the parties contesting in your area. Look over the names and faces of each candidate striving for the opportunity to serve you.

Let not a single one of them be elected into Parliament without first having been prayed for! Their task ahead in leading the nation is immense, and they will need all the help they can get.

So let us take the time to pray over each candidate and party, and bless every one of them with wisdom and counsel from God. Pray that:

  • Every party and candidate will be a blessing to Singapore.
  • The policies suggested and implemented will serve the good of the people.
  • The new Parliament to be formed will be even wiser for the good of Singapore.


Polling Day is set to see 2.65 million Singaporeans cast their votes at polling stations around the island.

As campaigning and voting go on in the COVID era, we need to ask God to keep us safe from coronavirus transmissions as we each perform our civic duties.

Pray that:

  • Every polling station and counting station will be cleansed of all germs and viruses.
  • Electoral officers will be safe from the coronavirus as they serve voters.
  • Elderly voters will be protected as they vote.

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Now, let us open our mouths in faith. Begin speaking words of light into this nation. Declare the promises of God over Singapore and every person living in this land. Pray that:

  • Every Christian in Singapore will have goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love in increasing measure.
  • God will be glorified through this General Election and the conduct of believers as they rise up as His ambassadors.
  • We will vote in faith as stewards of this land.
  • God’s blessing will flow through the generations.

Choose life with the words you use. As you engage with one another on politics this season and beyond, may every word carry wisdom from above and honour God.

Christians, this is your first election

Elections and politicians come and go, but our God is an unmovable rock no matter the season. 

In this very special week, as you engage with one another in discussions and listen to the voices of those who would lead us, may you do so from a posture of prayer.

May you be a channel of God’s grace and wisdom to all who cross your path.

And may each of our opinions and votes reflect our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, as we follow Him as citizens of heaven first.

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