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JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun’s new song “Stay With You”: An anthem of hope for those battling coronavirus

by Wong Siqi // January 29, 2020, 5:52 pm

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Source: Stefanie Sun's Facebook page

Moved by the plight of thousands of healthcare staff who are working round the clock, JJ Lin has decided to do what he does best – use his gift of music to bring cheer and comfort.

Released yesterday, fellow Singaporean Mandopop star Stefanie Sun said that Lin contacted her a few days ago to write a song that would pay tribute to medical teams on the frontline. Titled “Stay With You”, Sun penned the lyrics, while Lin arranged and sang the piece, which features a guitar and cello accompaniment.

As a Christian, Lin has not shied away from using his influence to spread love and encouragement.

In the song’s music video, there is a scene at 2:51 of a rainbow over his concert venue in Hubei during his Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour. Photos of him and his performing crew praying can also be found right after the 1-minute mark.

Screenshot from “Stay With You”

The video then ends with this message “there is no city in complete isolation, only a love that never leaves”, referencing the lockdown of Wuhan, which has trapped millions in the city, as a desperate attempt by the local authorities to contain the virus. 

The coronavirus outbreak has claimed more than 100 lives and infected at least 5,000 patients over 17 countries since the start of the year.

In the chorus of “Stay With You”, it reads:

I’ll stay with you
Wait for the sunrise
不想说多累 多辛苦
No matter how tired or hard
Eventually, someone will be contented 

Tomorrow will be clearer
Till that day where we will rejoice again
No longer bound by fear
卸下无助的 第一步
We’ll take the first step to overcome our helplessness

(English lyrics translated from the chorus of “Stay With You”)

This isn’t the first time Lin has responded to global catastrophes through song dedications.

Previously, he released singles like《爱与希望》for the 2008 Sichuan earthquake,《妈妈的娜鲁娃》for the Typhoon 88 disaster in Taiwan and《我為你祈禱 》for the Taiwan water park explosion in 2015, dedicated to victims of the tragedies.

Screenshots from “Stay With You”

Perhaps it was his personal experience of losing a loved one that inspired him to bring hope through his craft.

In 2013, Lin released his hit song,《修煉愛情》. He shared that the song was written for a friend who had died in the SilkAir MI185 air crash in 1997.

The victim, Xu Chue Fern, had gotten to know Lin through Jurong Christian Centre’s youth group and at one point, confessed her feelings to him. She would later introduce Lin to his first girlfriend.

Xu was only 14 when she passed away in the plane crash together with her parents. Lin was 16 then.

With the exception of an interview with The Straits Times in 1997 under his English name, Wayne Lim, he did not talk about the painful episode for close to two decades until an interview in 2013.

Lin’s personal faith has played a big part in his life during difficult moments as such.

During his Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour last year, he told the audience: “As a Christian, I’ve always believed that God doesn’t put you through tests that you cannot overcome. That’s why the trials of this life are for us to grow.”

Sharing the video of “Stay With You” on his own Instagram, Lin wrote this caption: “No matter the challenge, Love will always prevail”.

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