The hours before Hope // May 16, 2019, 9:03 pm


All photos by Ang Weiming

There are less than 24 hours before the Celebration of Hope begins.

The last time there ever was a night like this would have been more than 40 years ago — 14,772 days to be exact — on December 5, 1978. That was the night before the Singapore Billy Graham Crusade of 1978 — a watershed in Singapore’s spiritual landscape.

On this humid May day – May 16, 2019 – preachers, pastors and planners alike had the unique privilege of standing in a moment between spiritual milestones. 

Praying together with anticipation, each one dared to hope that God would do something great in this land the next day. 

Bishop Rennis Ponniah, Chairman of the Celebration of Hope, offered a stirring prayer as he visited the teams of volunteers working in the National Stadium: “Father, we pray now that You will bless and protect each one. We ask now that each one will begin to experience the surging of the Spirit’s power, the Spirit’s joy, and the anticipation of a mighty harvest.”

“You are the God who reveals. You are the Shepherd who looks for the lost sheep. You are turning our church and our nation around,” prayed Bishop Rennis.

Canon J.John (right), the main speaker for the Celebration of Hope, met event volunteers and prayed over the festival as he walked the stadium grounds. He’ll be speaking at three rallies, including the one on Sunday morning, for which there are still tickets available. 

Canon J.John and his wife Killadeas Ann speaking to members of the organising team on the pitch of the National Stadium.

We’re at the dawn of a new day: Bishop Rennis on Celebration of Hope as a door for revival

In this hour, the speakers have all arrived. Every team stands at the ready. What was years in the making is now here.

All that’s left is for you to be a part of this Celebration. Don’t miss this moment — it only comes by once in a generation.

Tomorrow, something great is going to happen.

Countdown to COH: Come and find hope

The Celebration of Hope is a 3-day festival of hope, filled with songs and stories of hope, to be held in various languages for all age groups at the National Stadium. 

Admission is by ticket only – but tickets are free. Today is the last day to book your tickets

Many of the rallies are fully booked, but tickets are still available for the May 18 (Saturday) and May 19 (Sunday) morning rallies. If you’ve reserved or confirmed your ticket but aren’t able to make it, please give up your ticket for someone else who can. 

From tomorrow, tickets will only be available for walk-ins, subject to availability. Please stay tuned to the Celebration of Hope Facebook or Instagram pages for updates. 

Celebration of Hope flyer