The journey to peace: Heidi Baker at Kingdom Invasion 2019

by Fiona Teh // March 15, 2019, 2:24 am

Kingdom Invasion 2019

Photo by Kingdom Invasion

“Did you hear about what happened to the kids?’”

That was the question that greeted the ears of “Mama Heidi” when she finally called her husband after travelling for more than 30 frantic hours from South America to Asia.

The trip itself was filled with drama, and she arrived only to learn that her kids’ house had been involved in a bad fire that took 45 minutes to put out. 

The seasoned missionary – known for her extensive work with orphaned children in Mozambique – was speaking to a crowd of 800 at the first of 3 Kingdom Invasion meetings in 2019.

Baker breaks from her animated re-enactments to address the audience. She said: “I know you’re thinking: ‘Why are you telling me about your family’s stuff?’ Because… we all have stuff!

“We come into this building talking about shalom – meaning “peace” – and grace, but some of us are saying, ‘my house is burning down!’”

Her point? We all have our own journeys – stuff that happened before we got here or stuff that’s still happening now. 

However, the King of glory knows everything that every single person is going through.

“God knows every hair on your head – even if you’re bald, he knows which ones are there and which ones are not – He counted,” Baker quipped.


Going back to her own story, Baker said she immediately called her kids to find out how they were. While showing her their burnt-up kitchen over a video call, her granddaughter suddenly said, “Guess what, tomorrow I’m going swimming with papa.”

And the young girl’s concern throughout the call whenever Baker’s face was not appearing on screen was: “I wanna see your face. Bring back your face, I want the face.”

Then God spoke to Baker: “The fact is she’s so secure in who her daddy is… that she’s not concerned about any of the fire or any of the smoke, and all she’s interested in is ‘the face’.”

“Things happen. There are fires and crazy bizarre challenges in this world. But if we say we are Kingdom people, we need to understand who our King is… and whose we are,” she said.

Our eyes need to be fixed on the face of the One who is worthy and look towards His face. We need to get face-to-face with our Father.

“He is capable of taking care of the fire and the storm,” said Baker.

Baker assured the audience. “I really believe there’s a place we can get in God where we’re not moved, where we’re so steadfast that we’re not moved. There’s something that happens when you abide in Jesus.”

“It doesn’t matter what kind of storm or shaking or trauma that’s happening, there’s something inside of you that allows you to understand what you need to understand in that moment,” Baker added.

“If you have the mind of Christ, then you’re going to know how to approach every situation.”


Baker spoke about a tension that we’ll face in our lives. Will we go forward in the Kingdom and believe that He can use us in this world, or will we quit? 

To quit is to live life with our wings folded out of fear. To be comfortable is to be safe in our cages. 

But do we want to live like chickens in a cage when God has called us to soar like eagles?

Instead of flapping our wings and wondering why we’re going through a storm, we’ve been called to live above the storms.

In a vision that Baker received, she received this message for the Church: “Don’t be afraid of the darkness, the shaking, the trial … but be lifted up on the wings of my Spirit.”

“How do we soar? However the wind of the Spirit hits us,” she said matter-of-factly.

Baker encouraged the audience to be desperate for the presence of God in their own lives.

“Without the wind of the Spirit, we’re not going to soar. We need to stretch out our wings and allow the Holy Spirit to take us to the other side,” she said. 

Shalom comes as we look to Jesus.”

This article is adapted from Heidi Baker’s sharing at Kingdom Invasion Trilogy (Part One) on 9 Mar 2019. For more details, visit

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