The secrets we hide, and an all-seeing God

Samantha Loh // February 22, 2021, 2:24 pm

The secret life

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but our God has a penchant for secrets.

When you type the word “secret” into a Bible concordance, you are greeted with a perplexing variety of how the word is used.

Multiple psalms speak of a “secret place”. There’s the secret place between God and us, the secret place where mankind was created (Psalm 139:15) and where wisdom is taught (Psalm 51:6).

And in the New Testament, Jesus also said we should pray in a closed room so that God “who sees what is done in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:6).

Staying in your secret place with God 24/7

On the other hand, the psalmist also writes about how God will expose our secret sins in the light of His presence (Psalm 90:8).

It can be a little confusing: are secrets meant to be kept or exposed? Personally, I believe secrets will be exposed eventually simply because God knows every secret, whether good or bad.

Does this knowledge thrill or scare you? I suspect it does both as that is exactly how I feel given we all have secret lives. Whether we’re watching things we shouldn’t be on the internet or quietly helping out a friend in need, we all have secrets.

We only act as though they would never be found out. I remember the incredulity I felt when my mother caught me lying, “You mean you knew?!” I can only imagine that God would respond with the same tone, “What makes you think I didn’t?”

God was displaying His anger with the Israelites’ stubborn sinfulness in the above portion of Scripture.

In His wrath, He reminded them that though He fills heaven and earth, He also sees those who hide in secret crevices. There is nothing beyond the reach and sight of God.

Indeed, the darkest and most secret parts of our lives will be revealed in the Lord’s timing.

This includes yours and mine. Even great spiritual giants are not exempt, as we have learnt from the examples of those who have fallen.

Failings and sins like these may leave us in mourning, but we can hold on to the truth that God is a God of justice who will both avenge and repay.

When your hero of faith lets you down

Ultimately, God can redeem our secret lives, whether good or bad.

God knows us so well, He knows that we will have secret lives. But He wants to change our lives so we look more like Him.

Let’s make the active decision to keep our secret lives open to God’s searching gaze and His merciful hand.

If something good is quietly growing in our hearts, let Him tend to it until it produces fruit. If something evil has been buried in secret, come to Him in repentance and let Him remove it.

God knows. And He sees you. Don’t hide from Him.

If you are struggling with a secret life, for whatever reason – God knows. And He sees you. Don’t hide from Him, let Him find you. Let Him heal the hurt behind the secret and let Him renew you.

Speak with a trusted family member or friend when you are ready, there is much power in confession and grace in being held accountable.

May the words of Christ to the adulteress in John 8:11 echo through our lives as we move forward in repentance and with His grace, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”


  1. Think of the word “secret”. 
  2. What comes to mind? Is it a good or bad secret?
  3. If you are struggling with a secret life, give it up to God today and then approach a trusted friend or loved one to keep you accountable.