"There is none good": ANNETTE’s hymn on hypocrisy

Annette Lee // March 29, 2018, 2:03 pm

None Good – Annette Lee

Growing up in Church, I realised that the older you get, the easier it becomes to leave than to stay.

Think of the Church scandals you see flooding the global media – like prominent Christian figures having affairs. It’s disappointing and ugly. You might realise that Christians are no different from people who don’t believe.

But you know what? You’re right.

We are all human. We’re all made of the same flesh. We make mistakes and we fall all the time. The only difference in being a Christian, is that there is an amazing grace which abounds for us every single time we fail (Romans 5:20).

Yet I feel that the Church (and the world) has misunderstood this for the longest time. We expect everyone in Church to be “good” people. And when our brothers or sisters fail, we judge them and condemn them – when the truth is we have no right to! We all would’ve fallen short at some point, whether by a little or a lot.

There is a culture of condemnation which turns people away from the Church, and it breaks my heart.

None of us are an accurate representation of the glory of God that is in Jesus Christ. Yet I hope that we Christians will boldly admit to the world that for all our failings, we will still choose love like Jesus did – it’s better than standing on a pedestal condemning each other.

I won’t make light of sin or give excuses for it. But when facing sin in a person’s life, my prayer is that we will respond to the person with love – unconditional love that will steer him towards the path of righteousness.

My pastor once said that Jesus came not to make bad people good – but to make dead people alive. Without God, we’d all be facing death. But because of Him – who came to give us righteousness as a gift – we now have eternal life.

I want us to see that and celebrate Christ more, instead of focusing on sin and trying to measure how “good” one is. Let this song help us – the Body of Christ – consider how we can better represent Christ to the world.

The official music video is available here.

ANNETTE, also known as Sue-Ann on SGAG, is a writer, director and actor by day, making the videos that most Singaporeans are familiar with. She is also a singer-songwriter by night, recording as “ANNETTE, and has recently released her debut 5-song EP “All Our Achilles Heels”, produced by Scott and Ed Cash. Her EP is available on Spotify and Apple iTunes.