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We will always have questions. Every day, stories at our fingertips remind us of how little we may ever understand, how small we are in the grand, reckless scheme of things.

So we turn to the professionals, the big names, the comments sections, and to each other – scavenging for bytes of insight to build our towers of knowledge – hoping to find wisdom and, if we’re the lucky few, direction along life’s frustrating paths.

But the tragedies don’t stop. Humans somehow never fail to surprise. New faces in the news. New causes to die for. More stories. More questions. is a place for honest thought and talk, where we try to bring life’s questions big and small to the One who holds all the answers. For only there we find His promise of life to the full – our purpose, our peace, our voice, and a deep relief for the unyielding thirst we experience apart from Him.

Because there is more to life than the daily grind, finding a partner, building a career, buying a house… There are ways to integrate faith with all of life, to see God in the 9 to 5, to wrestle with our doubt and despair and yet find amazing grace for the journey ahead.

Born and bred in Singapore and for the region, is an open, inclusive digital platform for young adults to gather and engage in conversations both timely and timeless for their generation. To challenge, but also to support. To provoke thought, but also to speak life.

And at the end of every story, starting with our own, we seek to represent only the Truth and to point those who pursue it towards the Light.

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